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ALP LogoThird-party Accreditation

The Foundation for Accredited Learning (FAL) formally accredits learning providers.  FAL accreditation is third-party verification that a provider develops and administers courses to the highest standards. 

Earn FAL Accreditation

FAL accreditation guidelines address instructor qualifications, course development and administration, examination security, record keeping, confidentiality and other issues common to high quality learning programs.  Any learning provider that meets these guidelines is eligible for FAL accreditation.

Find an Accredited Provider

All Accredited Learning Providers (ALPs) are listed in the FAL database, which is open to the public and updated weekly.  Students can search the database by course provider, country or course category. Providers can publish links to the database on their websites or as part of a marketing campaign. 

Display Your Credentials

Accredited Learning Providers may display the FAL accreditation logo on websites, marketing materials and company letterhead.