FAL Accredited Learning Programs

The Foundation for Accredited Learning

Benefits of Accreditation

Accredited Learning Provders (ALPs) belong to an elite membership of training and continuing education organizations, each committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity.  FAL Accreditation serves as a visible mark of distinction attesting to these standards.  In particular, accredited providers enjoy the following benefits:

Integrity and Reputation

Accreditation is third-party verification of compliance with published standards and guidelines.  It is the official testimony of an impartial examiner that the provider meets or exceeds specific requirements. 

FAL accreditation means that a provider's operations meet or exceed the FAL accreditation guideline, which is publicly accessible on this website.  FAL accreditation is therefore a specific, verifiable statement of a provider's integrity. 

As an independent accreditation body, FAL does not develop or administer learning programs of any kind.  Its accreditation decisions are therefore impartial and free from any conflict of interest.  FAL accreditation decisions are made by a nationwide board of volunteers with specific expertise in industry training and professional development.  All board decisions regarding accreditation are unanimous.

Visibility in the FAL Database

FAL maintains a continuously updated database of Accredited Learning Providers (ALPs) on this website.   The database is searchable by provider name, country and course category.  Each listing includes a hyperlink to the provider website, making every accredited learning program instantly accessible to prospective students.

FAL Accreditation Logo

Accredited providers display the exclusive FAL accreditation logo on their company websites.  The logo may also be used on course certificates as well as emails, social media and print marketing pieces such as broadcasts, brochures, flyers, advertisements, press releases and more. 

Use of the FAL accreditation logo is strictly limited to accredited providers; rules regarding misuse of the logo are rigorously enforced.

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