FAL Accredited Learning Programs

The Foundation for Accredited Learning

Accreditation Guidelines

Accredited Learning Providers (ALPs) must develop and administer their courses according to the following guidelines:

1.  Instructor Qualifications

ALPs must verify the qualifications of instructors that deliver their courses.  Common methods of verification include requiring industry certifications, documented field experience or a qualifying exam.

2.  Evaluation of Instructors

ALPs must regularly evaluate the performance of their instructors.  In-class audits, student surveys and instructor interviews are often used to meet this requirement.

3.  Class size

ALPs must maintain a positive learning environment by ensuring that the class size for each learning program is appropriate to the learning program.

4.  Program Development

ALPs must ensure that each learning program is developed by experienced personnel.  Providers can require industry certifications, advanced degrees or documented field experience to meet this requirement.

5.  Learning Program Objectives

ALPs must ensure that each learning program is designed to address specific learning objectives.

6.  Program Evaluation

ALPs must ensure that each learning program accomplishes its stated objectives.  Common methods of meeting this requirement include in-class audits, review of course materials or recordings, and review of instructor and/or student performance.

7.  Examination Evaluation

If the learning programs include a written and/or practical examination, ALPs must ensure that the examination is fair, valid and reliable.  This is usually accomplished by psychometric analysis, student surveys or review by subject matter experts.

8. Examination Security

ALPs must take measures to protect the security of examinations and answer keys.  Secure electronic delivery, chain of custody procedures and multiple forms of the test are common methods of meeting this requirement.

9. Examination Score Reporting

ALPs must report exam scores to students in a timely manner and in an appropriate format.

10.  Maintenance of Records

ALPs must maintain student records, including exam scores and contact information, for a reasonable period of time.

11.  Confidentiality

ALPs must take measures to protect the confidentiality of examination scores and other student information.

12. Insurance

ALPs must carry appropriate insurance as required by the industries in which they operate.