FAL Accredited Learning Programs

The Foundation for Accredited Learning

Accreditation Procedures

Providers seeking FAL accreditation follow the standard accreditation procedure:

1. Application Submission

The provider submits a complete application, all required documentation and appropriate application fees to the FAL office.  (Download application forms here)

2. Application Review

The FAL accreditation board reviews each ALP application during its regular meeting schedule.  The application and supporting documentation are examined against FAL Accredited Learning Program guidelines.

3. Decision on Accreditation

FAL votes to grant or deny accreditation, or to request additional information.  All FAL board decisions regarding accreditation are unanimous.

4. Publication of Logo and Links

The Accredited Learning Provider (ALP) publishes the FAL logo, title and hyperlink on its website according to FAL instructions. 

FAL staff verifies that the logo, title and hyperlink have been published before adding the ALP provider to its database. 

5. Reaccreditation

FAL accreditation is for a one year term.  The Accredited Learning Provider (ALP) resubmits a reaccreditation application annually.